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Travel Authentically

We are a cultural travel concierge and personal assistance business providing customized research on international destinations and full service travel assistance. Every handcrafted itinerary includes a culturally specific activity, attraction, or excursion to travel authentically for an optimal experience as a foreigner abroad. We are here to help you!

Choose the description that fits you best and we'll get started with services that are tailored to you. 

Business Traveler PLUS

I travel for work with some time to explore but I don't have time to research options in my next location.

Stop overworking while traveling...let's work some balance back into life!

Business Women Planning

Too Many Decisions

I get so burned out on making every decision 

after researching for hours that I experience analysis paralysis.

Stop struggling with the planning overwhelm...let's 

allow calm to wash over you!

Spa Robe

Last Minute Problems

Help! I'm panicking because my well-crafted plans are now ruined and I don't know how to fix it before I leave soon!

This is the worst situation to be in so let's give you the best solutions possible! 

Fire Extinguisher

Social Media Maven

I live vicariously through Instagram photos and YouTube travel vloggers because the idea of international travel is overwhelming.

Stop saying you could never do that...let's connect to all the reasons why you can!

Taking a Picture

Ready to Explore

I want to live in a new culture for at least three months to really understand a different way of life.

Yes! Let's start making your dreams come true together. Expat experiences are the BEST experiences!

Luxury Beach House

None of these descriptions fit me! 

If you've ever felt overwhelmed, overworked, or overcommitted and you're tired of travel planning on your own, we can help you. We will create a travel experience that is distinctly you!

Tall mountain
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