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Think about your last vacation...How long did it take you to plan? Were you exhausted before it even started? Were you even able to enjoy it?

If you answered some variation of "too long," "yes," and "no" to the questions above - you're in the right place! Let us take the planning off your shoulders and bring joy back into the anticipation of a great trip!

Follow the directions on this page to begin the process of receiving a fully customized travel itinerary.

What Travelon Does For you

  • Develop an itinerary of where to go and for how long based on the cities, dates, and experiences you want to have. This includes

    • 3 accommodation options based on a price point of your choice​

    • 2-3 activities/attractions/experiences per day based on the majority traveler type for your group

    • 2 meal options per day based on your preferences and price points

    • Options for transportation

  • Ability to upload your itinerary on a free app with access to Travelon for help.

  • All four Cultural Travel Documents specified to your trip.

  • Once the itinerary is confirmed, you may request booking help for an additional fee.


Here's How This Works

  • Purchase the "Handcrafted Itinerary Consultation" 
    The initial fee will applied to the overall total. If, after the first consultation meeting we do not move forward, you'll be refunded everything but $50.


  • Fill out the Trip Details Form that will be emailed to you upon purchase.

  • After receiving the completed form, you'll be contacted within 24 hours to setup a consultation call. We can do this via email, phone or video call.

    • Confirmation of working together will be agreed upon during this call.

  • You will receive a complete invoice to be paid in full.

    • Once payment is received, Travelon will create your itinerary within 5 business days.

  • From there, we can adjust the itinerary as need be with the idea being that we will have a final itinerary within 2 weeks from you receiving the first itinerary.

  • Once the itinerary's approved, it will be sent as a PDF and you can begin booking your trip!

  • You will receive your Cultural Travel Documents within 5 business days of finalizing your itinerary.


  • Prices are determined on a per day flat fee.

    • One day of planning is $127.

      • For example, if you have a 3 day trip, the total cost will be $381. 

  • Consultation fee is one day of planning. If you do not work with Travelon after the consultation call, you will be refunded everything but $50. 

  • Travelon is not responsible for any or all trip-related cancellations nor any costs associated with canceling. These are your responsibility.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a cultural travel specialist and a travel agent?

Travel specialists, or travel assistants, do not provide any booking for trips. We focus on removing the burden of researching, preparing, and planning for a trip. Additionally, at Travelon, we provide valuable cultural information that encourages tourists to be informed and curious foreigners.  

Travel Authentically

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Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding your international travel experience.

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