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Cultural Travel Documents

After the big details are planned for your trip, the smaller details will start to build up and create a mountain of things to remember to buy or to prepare. That's when your brain is overloaded and that's where our travel documents will stop you from spontaneously combusting from pre-travel fatigue. We don't want you to be exhausted from preparing to go on vacation before it's even begun! That's no way to start an amazing trip!

To purchase individual documents - click on the title. To purchase the set (a 25% discount) - click on "Complete Set" below.

You can buy them as a complete set for only $120...a 25% discount. Just click the Complete Set above.

This is a customized packing list based on the cities and countries you plan on visiting as well as what time of year you'll be there. Depending on where you're going, you could experience all of the seasons during your trip. How does someone plan for that? Don't Worry! We've got you covered. This document is part of every itinerary we create because it's THAT important!


It's our goal at Travelon to help you be an informed foreigner when traveling internationally. Even though we can guarantee that you will have a moment where you realize you made a cultural mistake or assumption, we are going to prepare you as best we can for the different culture rules, norms, and expectations. Being humble and apologetic will get you far in any country!


Holidays are the best time of the year regardless of which country you are in! Not every country celebrates the same holidays as you do and the celebration may impact your trip, especially if you aren't prepare for them. They can be hard to navigate so these customized documents will inform you on the holidays during your trip as well as how to respectfully participate as a foreigner. Additionally, another way to be an informed foreigner is to have an authentic culture experience. We'll provide a list of experiences for you to choose from so you can learn more about the local way of life.


We've saved the best for last. This document is a thorough "To Do" checklist for your entire trip BUT it's NOT an itinerary. It's this list that will impress you with the amount of detail that creates a smooth and almost frictionless experience abroad. If you follow this, you will feel SO PREPARED, it's scary!

Travel Authentically

Holiday Destination


You can buy each individual document by clicking the document title above...valued at $40.

You can buy them as a complete set for only $120...a 25% discount. Just click the Complete Set above.

*Please allow up to 72 hours for delivery as each document is customized to the country, season, and length for your trip.

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