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Travel Authentically

Expat Coaching Packages

Nothing is more equal parts exhilarating or terrifying than moving a new country. There are so many questions, so many unknowns, and so few resources to make the experience a rewarding one for everyone. Additionally, moving a family adds layers of worry, stress, and challenges to the endeavor.


I understand the challenges you're facing and I'm sympathetic to your situation. There's so much to think about and never enough time to do it all; which is why I've created the coaching packages with you in mind. Each package has the same features which will benefit you in a myriad of ways. 


  • 24/7 access to me through unlimited texts and emails

  • Making the Move Manageable Transition Planner 

  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment & Debrief (where your energy is being depleted)

  • Coaching Agreement Form

As you prepare to transition abroad, you may feel times of isolation and defensiveness because you aren't just preparing yourself to leave, you're also preparing your family and friends to not have you as close or as easily accessible as you have been while living in the same country. They want you to help them with your absence and that's a LOT to shoulder yourself. I see you!!

Package Details - $475

  • All standard features

  • 5 coaching calls - any length of time

  • Independently scheduled based on your needs

  • Accountability worksheets for each session

Congratulations! You've made it to your new country.
So, what now??

When those airplane wheels hit the tarmac in your new country, your wheels can start spinning! Living with intention is VITAL to being successful abroad. Everything is new and and chaotic; so let's get you organized and focused for your first six months. We connect weekly as this consistency will ground you as you discover your new surroundings and get comfortable.

Package Details - $9,750

  • All standard features

  • 24 coaching calls - any length of time that's productive

  • Scheduled weekly - ideally starting a month before you leave

  • Accountability worksheets, journal prompts, and/or exercises as needed

Expat Resources

You're Doing It! You are taking a step into new adventures and possibilities by moving to a different country. Whether this is your first time or you're a seasoned pro at relocating to new countries, this planner will have valuable tips, ideas, lists, and tools to keep you balanced and ready for this life transition. 

Table of Contents - $97

  • Welcome & Introduction

  • Transition Tips

  • Printable List to Organize With (13 pages)

  • Printable Storage/Shipping Labels

  • Printable Calendar by Leaving Date

  • Making Up Your Mind Exercise (Decision making tool)

  • Dates that Matter Most - Choosing what to do before you go 

  • Taking Time for Balance Exercise - Not Getting Lost in the Overwhelm

  • Additional Resources and References

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