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À La Carte

You can get what you want for wherever you want when you want it.

If you're only missing a few pieces of your trip or don't have time to research for your free time on a business trip, we can help from this list of options.

If there is something we have missed that you need, send us a message and we'll work with you!

Also, the Cultural Travel Documents are available individually or as a set.

Location, Location, Location

A great vacation, holiday or trip begins with where you want to go, so here are a couple of ways we can help you pick the perfect spot for your next getaway. 

A. Day trips - If you like to have a home base to explore from, we can offer a few great options that will include transportation and will be based on your experiential preferences. GREAT FOR TRAVELING FOR CONFERENCE TRIPS!

B. Retreat research - Do you have a great idea for a retreat but aren't sure where you want to hold it? Let us do the legwork for you. After a quick chat, we'll give you three locations to choose from and you'll be well on your way!


C. Location comparisons - Are you trying to choose a country or city based on multiple people or need help doing a side-by-side comparison? Let us take your must-haves and create a comparison form for your group to make the best decision for your time. 


Accommodations & Transportation Recommendations 

Depending on the type of traveler you are, where you lay your head at night can be just as important as the location. The question to ask yourself is this:
How much time am I REALLY going to have in the place I'm sleeping for this trip? Your answer to this question is what we'll use to create recommendations for your accommodations on your trip.

A. Hotel recommendations - Can't find the place you want in your price range? Let us see what we can do to help you book the best option.

B. Rental recommendations - Would you rather have a private location to explore from but AirBnB and VRBO are making the decisions difficult? Let us take on the burden of finding some options for you.

C. Transportation recommendations - Would you travel by a boat, by a car, by a train, or by a plane? We can give you multiple ways to get around on your holiday adventure. 


Experiences Tailored to You

Experiences make the memories that last a lifetime. What you enjoy about a country will be different than the next person's experience. Here's how you can get the most out of your time.

A. Seasonal attractions - Open hours will vary with different seasons so knowing what time to get be in the country or at the location is important. Do you want to go to a sporting event, concert, or performance? Those only happen at certain times of the year. We can research those ever-changing opportunities for you.

B. Travel style tour research - Not everyone travels the same way. Some like to pack in as much as possible while others like to sleep in. We'll research the attractions and experiences they way you want to in any category - Cooking lessons, Food & Wine tour, Museums, City walking tours, Wildlife viewing, Adventure seeking, and any other tour you want to know about!

C. Unique experiences - Are selfcare trips part of your routine? Do you want to experience a language learning homestay or a safe solo trip? Not everyone wants to do the most touristy thing possible in a country. We love having the opportunity to find unique experiences for those who take the road less traveled, no matter where you are in the world. Let's chat about your vision!


You're Thinking It But We Didn't List It

So, what did we miss that you need help with? Send us a message and let us know what you're thinking but we missed on this list. We'd love to know how you want to explore the world and how we can help you do it!

Travel Authentically

Outdoor Sitting

Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding your international travel experience.

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