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Welcome Guests of Casa De Sol!

We are your one-stop Puerto Rican travel planner and we are thrilled to help you have the best trip possible while staying at Casa De Sol! As a Casa De Sol guest, you receive our services at a discount because customer service and offering you the best experience are important to your hosts. 

Here's how this works:
1. Fill out the form with information about your stay and choose your interests.

2. You'll get an email confirmation with more details and a link to a 60-minute consultation.

3. We set up a time for the consultation and we agree on what information you want our help with from there.

4. Then you'll get a draft itinerary or links for activity options; depending on your needs. 

Get My Travelon In Puerto Rico
What activities are you interested in?

You've successfully submitted your choices and you'll hear from us soon!

This is what's waiting for you!

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