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Hey there! Thank you for coming to this site to get more information. I know you'll find what you're looking for. I'm a detailed-oriented Organizational Consultant, results-driven Leadership Coach, comprehensive Diversity & Culture Trainer, as well as an engaging Speaker. With over 15 years of cross-cultural and organizational culture experience, I know that change is challenging. It's called a comfort zone for a reason and as Neale Donald Walsch said "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!"

My purpose is to support and develop people's impact and influence in their own lives and careers by using my skills, knowledge, and experiences to propel them into success. So whether it's professional or personal changes that are happening or are needing to happen, management of the changes in life can drain your energy and keep you stuck in a pattern that doesn't work for you or your business anymore. I work with individuals, teams, and organizations to get unstuck from old patterns and start moving forward with a common language and new connections for greater success. The services I provide are focused on consulting and coaching which usually include training and presenting information. I'm ready to partner with you, roll up my sleeves and support the changes you want to implement by working along side of you.

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Owner & Organizational Development Consultant



An Iconic Story

Anything can have meaning - even the logo icon! Are the colored lines moving in or out to you? As I was working through having a logo for my business, I spoke a lot about the flow of life. Sometimes thoughts & ideas flow inward and sometimes they flow outward.
It illustrates how we need to give to others and how we need to receive from others.

Onboarding new and current employees to a new direction or change in your organizational culture is a challenging and rewarding task for any organization. Through her customized core consulting process, Janese equips an organization's leadership with the tools and customized content needed to propel their company to move in a united direction as they work from the same core.

Consulting Services

Creating a supportive professional work environment is paramount to a successful business no matter how you define success. Janese provides in-depth and immediately applicable training from the top down or the bottom up on topics ranging from Casting a Vision, Embracing Diversity, Developing Company Culture, Relying on Your Strengths, Energetic Leadership, and Life Influences. These trainings will meet participants where they are and take them further than they ever thought possible.


Coaching is partnering with people through unlocking potential energy to maximize their personal and professional achievements by emotionally connecting to their inner purpose and passion to outer goals and strategies for extraordinary and sustainable results. Janese is a certified Core Energy Leadership Coach and Master Practitioner from the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching. 

Professional Coaching Services

Engaging with a group of people creates opportunities for new information and conversation from a new perspective. Janese’s dynamic presentations give people the foundation for immediately applying the information directly into their personal and professional life. Participants will be challenged and empowered to make a difference in their corner of the world.


Natalie Lechner 
Independent Consultant

"I gained some great tools to use in my business life as well as my personal life.

My focus with Janese began as focusing on my business - wanting to grow my team & figure out some tools that I could use to communicate with my team more efficiently.

Then I came to realize that in order to work on team growth I needed to have some of my personal ducks in a row, which therefore with Janese's guidance I turned my wheels to work on some me stuff.

Overall, my experience with Janese was outstanding & proved to get me moving on the path to betterment."

Sharissa Sebastian
Career Success Coach for Ambitious Women 

"I had the privilege of having Janese coach me. She is one of the most brilliant coaches I've ever worked with!

Her intuition and direct, yet caring nature made it easy for me to open up to her in a way that allowed for several breakthroughs. She is an incredibly gifted coach and was able to bring out the best in me, and make me realize that my challenges could easily be overcome.

Working with her was a joy and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch coach!"

Katie Harmon
Highly Experienced
Sales Executive

"I have participated in Janese's Vision Board Workshop, the follow-up "Lead in Life" course, and private coaching.

I had been stuck in a spot in my life that I have arrived at through circumstance, but also because of my own figurative paralysis and inability to move forward with positive change. 

The vision board workshop helped me find the ember that was still glowing within my soul and put my dreams and career goals back into my scope and focus. 

The 5 week follow up course helped me to change my way of thinking, recognize destructive thought patterns, and overall helped me recognize the obstacles that I was placing in my own path. 

I have been working with Janese in private coaching sessions and have found her to be very intuitive.  She has been able to help me identify and focus in on my goals, professionally and personally. 

Working with Janese has been very helpful and rewarding!"

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Bring a Vision Board Workshop to work!

What would a vision board workshop enable your team to do better together?

During this 2-4 hour workshop, you'll create a vision board that is a result of working through what you really want to create in your life and career.

You have nothing to lose and SO much to gain!

No long term expectations!

Motivating Coaching Package will start you off!

Not sure where to start but you know you're ready to begin?

It includes the Energy Leadership Index Assessment which is an online assessment. It also includes an extensive 90 minute debrief of the assessment results. 

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From Concerned to Confident in 5 Days!

5 Days. Self-Guided. Personal. Change is good!

If you're going through changes in life, this is for you!

Change will always happen but how you handle it is in your control! This five day self-guided retreat is created to focus on you during a time of transition. The intention of this retreat is give you a different approach to positively and successfully experience transitions in life.

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