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Travel Authentically

We are a cultural travel specialist and personal assistance business providing customized research on international destinations and travel assistance. Every handcrafted itinerary, packing list, and cultural insights training includes a culturally specific activity, attraction, or excursion to travel authentically for an optimal experience as a foreigner abroad.

If you answer yes to any of the questions below, you are just who we are skilled at serving. So, are you:

  • Traveling for work with some time to explore but don't have time to research attractions at your location? 

  • Living vicariously through social media and YouTube because the idea of international travel is overwhelming?

  • Burned out on decision-making while planning your travel?

  • Panicking because your travel plans fell through and you leave soon?

  • Retired or on sabbatical and want to stay in one place for awhile to really live in the culture?

We are here to help you! Choose one of our service options below and we'll get started on your authentic experience.


Sea View

Indulge in À La Carte

If a package deal isn't for you but you need some additional resources
for your upcoming travel plans, this section is for you.


Best attractions for a city at a certain time of year

Best practices for traveling abroad

Cultural Dos & Don'ts

Day trip travel to and from one city

Holidays and its impact on your trip
Hotel recommendations

Retreat location research

Seasonal packing list

Selfcare trip recommendations

Transportation option research

Tour research by style - Food, Wine, Museums, Wildlife, Adventure

Unique experiences by city, by season, or by country


Where Do You Want to Experience?

Tapas and Wine

"Janese was so helpful and reassuring as my husband and I planned our recent trip to Spain.

Not only was she able to answer any question I had, but she was often thinking ahead, providing us information we hadn't thought to ask.


As we boarded the plane for our first leg of the journey, I felt confident that everything was going to go smoothly and we would have a trip of a lifetime, which we did.


Working with Janese made everything easier and provided a level of comfort we wouldn't have had on our own."  - HEATHER, MONTANA

About Janese


My journey as a foreigner began when was I was 23. Since then I've lived overseas for over 5 years and in three different countries. I have had the privilege of working with or getting to know  people from over 60 countries. I have a gift for organization, details, and logistics which I use to support people as they make their dreams reality. I intentionally seek out people who have lived a different experience than I have as I believe that everyone is a foreigner to one another; and that requires curiosity - not judgment - because we all have something to learn from one another.

I hold a MA in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. I'm a certified Leadership Coach from an International Coaching Federation organization. I also am a certified Change Management practitioner from Prosci. These are some of the tools I use to help people understand themselves better and become more aware of what they need to be successful.

Thank you for choosing Travelon!

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Sydney, Australia

Hong Kong

Yellowstone National Park

Glacier National Park

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